8 Effective Techniques for Conquering Worry

Worry is a threat to my productivity and sanity. I’ve come close to being almost destroyed by this emotion in the past – it sucked away my hope and convinced me I had no future. I’m highly motivated to research effective strategies for conquering worry and here are eight that have worked for me:

How to Create an Effective Plan for Radical Self Improvement

Two months ago I made the decision to radically transform my life – this new website a by-product of that decision. I’ve created a plan of action that includes the steps I’m going to take to make this transformation a reality, and I want to share it with you.

Use Momento Mori as Your Guiding Principle and Seize the Day

There is a story of a wise Roman general who gave a slave the job of following him around everywhere repeating the words “momento mori”. This leader had enjoyed many victories on the battlefield, but he also knew the risk of becoming complacent. If we wish to avoid the dangers of complacency, we need to … [Read more…]

7 Radical Self Improvement Lessons from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee barely made it into his thirties, yet he managed to do some incredible things during his short time with us. He became a huge movie star, invented his own martial art system, reached the peak of physical fitness, and still had time to say plenty of smart things like:

4 Reasons Not to Settle for a Mediocre Life

If we refuse to leave our comfort zone, the best we can look forward to is a mediocre life. We might do just enough to get by, but it means we have no chance of reaching out potential – the nearest we are going to get to success is watching the Olympics.

Our Darkest Days Offer the Seeds for a Better Life

It is easy to be philosophical about our darkest days when we are not in the middle of one. I’ve hit some incredibly painful low points in my life, and I’m sure you have as well. Things can get so bleak that it looks almost certain that our future is destroyed, but these blackest days … [Read more…]

Seven Thoughts That Prevent You From Reaching Your Potential

We might not have too much choice about the thoughts that show up in our head, but we can certainly decide on who gets to stay. Here are seven thoughts you don’t want as long-term neighbors:

Radical Self Improvement Means Creating Positive Habits

Our habits help to create our world to a large extent, and they can be either working for us or against us. We can use habits to our advantage by choosing the ones we want in our life.

How Self-Handicapping is Holding You Back in Life

Self-handicapping means we never commit fully to anything because of our fear of failure. It is an attempt to protect our self-esteem, but all it really does is hold us back in life. Self-handicapping often means we sabotage our own efforts so we can have an excuse for failing.  

Seven Ways to Radically Change Your Life

If you want to radically change your life, you need to take action – and lots of it. Here are seven things you can do to begin your transformation: