Successful Living Means Being Kind to Yourself

If I treated another person as badly as I treat myself, I’d almost certainly end up in prison. My guess is most of us are caught up in an abusive relationship with ourselves – we endure a level of self-abuse that we would never dream of inflicting on another person.

Five Ways to Restore Your Motivation Following Failure

Keeping on failing until you succeed! This pithy statement sounds sensible enough but like a lot of wisdom it is harder to put into practice. The problem is failure takes the wind out of my sails – I usually experience it like a punch to the stomach, and I’m never ready for it. I know … [Read more…]

Living Successfully Means Escaping the Tyranny of Your Thoughts

I’ve given up on idea of being able to think my way to success – it’s about as effective as trying to cure a headache by repeatedly hitting myself in the head with a hammer. I don’t believe success has anything to do with trying to think a certain way – it’s really about escaping … [Read more…]