You Need to Trust Yourself If You Hope to Be Successful

“You don’t deserve to be happy” “Why are you such a loser?” “Why can’t you get anything right?” “Your life is Going Down the Toilet” “You have Just Fucked that Right Up” This is the type of shitty feedback I get to listen to all the time. If these put-downs were coming from a boss, … [Read more…]

Pay Attention to Your Dreams – Your Subconscious Might Be Sending You an Important Message

I’m about to take a nursing exam, but I know for certain I’m going to fail it. I haven’t studied at all, and I didn’t attend any of the classes. I feel ashamed, and I regret not trying harder. I never failed any of my nursing exams, and I no longer work as a nurse, … [Read more…]

You Do Not Need to Become a Better Person to Reach Your Potential

I started this blog with the intention of recording my radical transformation into a different and better person. I also hoped my posts would encourage other people to follow in my footsteps. Things haven’t worked out as planned, and it is now obvious that I’ve been mistaken. I don’t need to radically transform into a … [Read more…]