7 Radical Self Improvement Lessons from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee barely made it into his thirties, yet he managed to do some incredible things during his short time with us. He became a huge movie star, invented his own martial art system, reached the peak of physical fitness, and still had time to say plenty of smart things like:

Nevem Bruce Lee

Be Happy, But Never Satisfied

It is a mistake to believe that achieving our goals is going to make us happy – it is also a mistake to believe that settling for mediocrity is the key to contentment. The trick is to be grateful for all that we have right now but to still want more.

A Goal is Not Always Meant to Be Reached, It Often Serves Simply as Something to Aim At

Real happiness is to be found when we are pushing our limits and trying to be as successful as we can possibly can be. We need something to aim for in life because this provides us with purpose and something to judge our progress against. The real prize is the journey and not the destination.

The Key to Immortality is to Live a Life Worth Remembering

Bruce Lee died at a tragically young age, yet he is going to be remembered for centuries to come. He constantly pushed himself out of his comfort zone, and this is how he managed to achieve such amazing things. Bruce Lee had no interest in becoming good at martial arts or good at anything – he would settle for nothing less than excellence.

Do Not Pray for an Easy Life, Pray for the Strength to Endure a Difficult One

If we pray for the universe to shower us with goodies, we deserve what we get – absolutely nothing. If there is an intelligent higher power in the universe, I doubt that it is going to be too bothered making life easy for the lazy people.

It is the challenges in life that allow us to grow and develop – they are blessings in disguise if we approach them the right way. Praying for handouts just makes us powerless – if we are going to pray, we need to be praying for the strength to deal with life.

Knowing is Not Enough, We Must Apply. Willing is Not Enough, We Must Do

I’ve been interested in self-help books since my early teens back in the eighties. I knew how to say the right things, but this didn’t prevent me from becoming a drunk and staying that way for almost two decades. There have also been many times when I have became willing to change my life, yet this only led to broken promises until I started to take action.

Adapt What is Useful, Reject What is Useless, and Add What is Specifically Your Own

There is wisdom everywhere, but it is often tied up in a full belief system. If we are serious about radically improving our life, we need to be prepared to make use of what works and reject what doesn’t. This means that there is no need for us to accept a full belief system just because there are some parts of it we like. It is also perfectly acceptable that we alter ideas and practices to make them more appropriate for our own lives.

If You Love Your Life, Don’t Waste Time, for Time is What Life is Made Up Of

This is my favorite saying by Bruce Lee. We all have this short period of time to experience life, and it is up to us to make the most out of it. The clocking is ticking, and we can’t afford to waste any of our time to being mediocre.