Achieve Success by Doing What Other People are Not Prepared to Do

If you want to find success in life, you need to be willing to do what most other people are not prepared to do. It is unreasonable to expect above average results unless you are delivering excellence – just being good isn’t enough.

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Good at Your Job is No Longer Good Enough

“Sometimes being just good just isn’t good enough”
Michael Heppell

I just finished a reading a great book by Michael Heppell called How to Be Brilliant. He describes how being good at what you do is no longer enough to survive in the modern economy – it basically means you’re just hanging onto your job by a thin thread.

I work as a freelance writer. I call it my dream job (most days), but there have been periods when it’s been hard to make a decent living. It can feel incredibly unfair to be still struggling after three years. After all – I’m a good writer. It’s only recently that I’ve realized that being a good writer is nowhere near enough if I expect to succeed in my career.

Being a ‘good writer’ is the bare minimum qualification to survive in my profession. It allows me to compete with the millions of other good writers out there who are trying to make a living. Clients are never going to have any problem finding ‘good writers’. This means that so long as I remain in this category, it is always going to be a struggle for me to stay afloat. If I want to successful in my career, I need to be excellent at what I do.

I expect most people are good at their job – by this I mean they work hard and do what is expected of them. If these ‘good at their job’ types are lucky, they might just be able to hang onto this position until it’s time for them to retire. The problem is that even the ‘jobs for life’ aren’t really jobs for life nowadays. You could work your arse off at being good at your job and still end up facing unemployment.

Do What Other People Are Not Prepared to Do

If I want to be successful in my career (or anything in life), I need to be willing to do what the average person is not willing to do. This means I can’t be satisfied with being just good because being good can only ever deliver mediocre results at best. It is only the work I do beyond the level of good that is capable of making a real difference to my life – it is this that allows me to stand out from the crowd.

It takes strong determination to do what other people are not prepared to do – it means leaving my comfort zone and doing this repeatedly. I’ve been using a vision board, positive visualizations, and affirmations to give my motivation an extra boost (as I said on here yesterday, I’m not doing these practices in the hope of benefiting from any type of magical intervention). My extra effort is producing impressive results – I can now clearly see that being good was well below my potential.