4 Reasons Humility Could Transform Your Life

Humility comes easy when you are kneeling down and vomiting into a bucket while a crowd cheers you on. That’s what I discovered when I went to a temple here in Thailand called Thamkrabok to give up alcohol. The treatment process involved an evening ceremony where I had to drink this herbal mixture that triggered … [Read more…]

7 Reasons Arguing Online is a Waste of Your Time

The internet is a marvelous tool for showing the world just how clever we are. I failed to make much of an impression at school, but give me a keyboard and an online forum, and I become an intellectual titan – or at least I used to be able to. I’ve wasted so many hours … [Read more…]

You Need to Trust Yourself If You Hope to Be Successful

“You don’t deserve to be happy” “Why are you such a loser?” “Why can’t you get anything right?” “Your life is Going Down the Toilet” “You have Just Fucked that Right Up” This is the type of shitty feedback I get to listen to all the time. If these put-downs were coming from a boss, … [Read more…]

Pay Attention to Your Dreams – Your Subconscious Might Be Sending You an Important Message

I’m about to take a nursing exam, but I know for certain I’m going to fail it. I haven’t studied at all, and I didn’t attend any of the classes. I feel ashamed, and I regret not trying harder. I never failed any of my nursing exams, and I no longer work as a nurse, … [Read more…]

You Do Not Need to Become a Better Person to Reach Your Potential

I started this blog with the intention of recording my radical transformation into a different and better person. I also hoped my posts would encourage other people to follow in my footsteps. Things haven’t worked out as planned, and it is now obvious that I’ve been mistaken. I don’t need to radically transform into a … [Read more…]

Successful Living Means Being Kind to Yourself

If I treated another person as badly as I treat myself, I’d almost certainly end up in prison. My guess is most of us are caught up in an abusive relationship with ourselves – we endure a level of self-abuse that we would never dream of inflicting on another person.

Five Ways to Restore Your Motivation Following Failure

Keeping on failing until you succeed! This pithy statement sounds sensible enough but like a lot of wisdom it is harder to put into practice. The problem is failure takes the wind out of my sails – I usually experience it like a punch to the stomach, and I’m never ready for it. I know … [Read more…]

Living Successfully Means Escaping the Tyranny of Your Thoughts

I’ve given up on idea of being able to think my way to success – it’s about as effective as trying to cure a headache by repeatedly hitting myself in the head with a hammer. I don’t believe success has anything to do with trying to think a certain way – it’s really about escaping … [Read more…]

Forget Personal Development – Stop Filling Your Head with Shit

I spend a huge chunk of my spare time searching for information that is going to improve my life. I’m the dream customer for any self-development guru because I want to believe – the strange things is I’m not sure if any of this material has ever led to a substantial improvement in my life.

Sometimes the Best We Can Do Is Just Hang In There

The tide always comes back –these were the words my first proper girlfriend said as part of her ‘you’re fired’ speech. I didn’t get much comfort from this nugget of wisdom at age sixteen, but this truth has become like a rock I cling onto when times are hard. The tide always does come back … [Read more…]