Our Darkest Days Offer the Seeds for a Better Life

It is easy to be philosophical about our darkest days when we are not in the middle of one. I’ve hit some incredibly painful low points in my life, and I’m sure you have as well. Things can get so bleak that it looks almost certain that our future is destroyed, but these blackest days can be the best thing to ever happen to us.

Dark day

The Worst Days Force Us to Change

I’m usually happy to just skip along in my comfort zone until the universe comes along and pokes me with a big stick. I’ve tended to be a slow learner when it comes to the important lessons in life, so it can take a good deal of suffering before I’m forced into action.

When I compare my life today to how things were a few years ago, it is incredible how much things have improved for me. I had to take radical steps to change my life, and I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the dark days. I can clearly see that all of my periods of significant transformation were immediately preceded by hitting some type of rock bottom.

Think back to some of your darkest days:

• Did you just wait for things to get better or did you take action to make it better?
• If you did take action, did this improve your life overall?
• Would your life today have as many good things if it wasn’t for your darkest days?

Dark Days Offer the Invitation to Start Again

Sometimes it’s easier to just put up with a less than ideal life with the justification that things aren’t so bad. The fear is that if we make too many changes, we could end up with something worse than what we have. When life is going reasonably well, it can feel like too much of a risk to take a step into the unknown.

The nice thing about our darkest days is we are going to feel less resistant to completely overhauling our life. We clearly see how things are not how we want them to be, and we are more open to the idea of ripping it all up and starting again.

Positive Action Can Turn the Darkest Days into Something Magical

I usually find that as soon as I start taking action to improve my life, my mood starts to shift right away. It is like the universe has been twisting my arm to get me to take action – now that I’m doing something positive, the discomfort eases up. Sometimes just making a solid plan can be enough to turn a shitty day into one where I feel optimistic and excited.

Do the Bad Days Happen For a Reason?

I like to think that there is some purpose to the universe, and this purpose involves me and it involves us all. I always try to look upon the bad days as happening for a reason – a chance for me to grow and develop.

Even if I’m wrong, and shit just happens, it is still better for me to treat these bad days as if they are sent my way for a purpose. It doesn’t really matter what the ultimate cause is because most dark days do offer us the chance to improve our life – that’s undeniable.

There are some low times in life when all we are expected to do is feel or feelings – this is usually the case with stuff like bereavement and tragedies.

How to Use Your Darkest Days as a Springboard to a Better Life

• Use this as an opportunity to reflect on your life to find out what needs fixing.
• Understand that this current level of discomfort may be leading you to a wonderful new chapter in your life.
• Make the decision to take something positive from this current period of suffering – you can do this even if you don’t believe that things happen for a reason.
• Make a plan to fix your life and put it into action right away.
• Develop gratitude for the bad days because they hold the seeds of your happiness