Seven Ways to Radically Change Your Life

If you want to radically change your life, you need to take action – and lots of it. Here are seven things you can do to begin your transformation:

change your life

1. Make This Change The Number One Priority

The only way to radically change your life is to make this your number one priority – you are not serious if you offer anything less than this.

I have decided to become financially secure by age fifty – in less than six years. In order for this to happen, I need to radically transform my life. It would not be possible for the person I have been up to now to achieve this goal.

My priority in life is financial independence – I am not going to allow anything prevent me from achieving this goal. I am doing this so I can take care of my wife and son, so I've no guilt about making it my priority.

I've tried to trim down my life so that as many things as possible are feeding into this goal. I exercise every day, eat well, and meditate because this increases my productivity. Except for an hour at the very end of my day, everything I read, listen to, or watch, is related to helping my achieve my goal.

If you want to radically transform your life, it needs to become your obsession – this is what it means to make it your priority.

2. Never Complain About The Work Involved in Achieving Your Goal

I started to feel a bit sorry for myself earlier because it's Sunday, and I've lots of work to complete for clients. I haven't had a full day-off in months, and it can all seem a bit unfair – poor me.

Luckily I managed to snap myself back to reality before it turned into a full blown pity-party. I have nothing to feel sorry about. This work is allowing me to achieve my goal of financial security by age fifty.

A day-off is very over-rated. I'm usually bored by noon and messing around on the computer anyway

If you want to radically change your life, you can't complain about the work in Involved. This is just going to sap your motivation. If the only way you can achieve your goal is to work a 120 hours a week, you need to be happy to do this.

3. Be Willing To Do Whatever it Takes

If you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, you become an unstoppable force. There is great power in these words, so you shouldn't use them unless you mean them.

Becoming wiling to do whatever it takes comes after reaching the point of 'no more' – it is drawing a line in the sand, and there is no going back after you've uttered these words.

4. Quit Making Excuses

There are a million reasons for why you are not going to be able to achieve your goal. These excuses are of no use to you – they are toxic to success. If you want to make significant change to your life, you must let go of this comfort-blanket.

5. Watch Your Language

Our words have a huge impact on our mental attitude. A few weeks ago, I began paying closer attention to my words, and it came shock to discover I'm a constant complainer.

This negative talk demonstrates how good I've become at seeing the bad in life. This is not a skill I wish to develop further. I've basically been talking myself into a miserable life.

I have found that talking positively about things boosts my mood. I now do my best to put a positive spin on everything. It's made me much happier and productive, and it has also made me much easier to live with.

6. Take Massive Action

The great thing about massive action is it produces massive results. The problem with trying to improve your life slowly over time is it usually doesn't work. It is just too easy to run out of steam or lose sight of your goal.

The other amazing thing is that taking massive action is easier than incremental changes – it is like removing a plaster stuck to a wound, it is better to just rip it off in one movement. Massive action completely knocks you out of your comfort zone, and the changes you make begin to support each other.

7. Stop Trying to be Good – You Need to be Brilliant

The problem with being good is that this can be the bare minimum when it comes to things like a career. Good is the new mediocre, and if you want to enjoy impressive results, you are going to need to be brilliant.